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We receive a lot of emails here at Stonehenge Ales, and quite a few of these ask similar questions, so here are the answers to some Stonehenge Ales FAQS:

Q: How can I find out where to buy Stonehenge Ales?

A: You can buy our beers at the brewery or from one of the shops that stock our bottled beers. If you are a licensee you can buy from one of our wholesalers.

Some of the pubs who try to always keep our beers available are here. If you need to know more contact us!

Q: Can I directly order my favourite Stonehenge Ales online?

A: Because some of our ales are seasonal and/or in limited supply we would rather talk personally to you regarding the availability what you would like to order, please email us us your requirements or contact us via phone or fax.

We also need to ensure we are supplying beer responsibly and comply with the relevent age restrictions on supply of alcohol.


Q: Where can I find out more about Stonehenge, the ancient stone circle shown on some of your labels, and the place that gives your brewery its name?

A: Stonehenge and Avebury were inscribed on the World Heritage List in 1986 for their outstanding prehistoric monuments. At Stonehenge, the unparalleled stone circle (3000 BC-1600 BC) is surrounded by a ceremonial landscape comprising more than 300 burial mounds and many other prehistoric remains. Altogether, the Stonehenge World Heritage Site covers 2,600 hectares owned by English Heritage, the National Trust, the Ministry of Defence, farmers and householders. Read more on the English Heritage Website and there are more links from our links page

Q: What is the glass of green liquid shown on the back of your delivery van?

A: That is a pint of "Sign of Spring", one of our seasonal beers: you can read more about it here

Click on the van to see a bigger version of the picture.

Q: Stonehenge Ales (Bunces Brewery) has been brewing great beers for more than 25 years and many awards have been won - why is it that there are no awards from the Great British Beer Festivals?

Reply: We have not been given the chance as our beers have never been selected by CAMRA for the actual beer competition.

See some of our awards here!

Q: Can WE link to YOUR website?

A: You are more than welcome to link to our website!

Please use the following HTML snippet

<a href="" target="_blank">Visit Stonehenge Ales</a>

Please do not (deep)link to a page within our site as our housekeeping may change page names leaving your visitors following a dead link

Likewise please do not load images directly from our site to mark a link to us (hot linking is generally frowned upon, constitues unauthorised reproduction AND relies on filenames not changing!)

target="_blank" (above) can be removed if you want our site to open in the window your page previously occupied, rather than a new one.

We will offer a banner shortly for you to use for our link.

Q: Can YOU link to OUR website?

A: If your site contains relevant information and meets our criteria. then YES!, email us with the URL and the location of any banner we may use for the link

If you can't find the answer to your question or would like to suggest a 'Q&A' for our FAQ, please Email us!


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